Your partner for easy, secure
and futureproof authentication.

Passwordless, userfriendly and GDPR-compliant Multifactor-Authentication (MFA).


The first and only

The first and only digital ID solution (ID provider/broker, authentication, e-signatures, transactions) that offers the highest level of security and user-friendliness via smartphone and authentication triggers, for ALL use cases!

Easy Configuration.

Integration via plug-in-configuration and standardized protocols such as SAML or OpenID Connect
=> more control, less effort

Mobile First.

Passwordless and secure authentication for mobile browsers and other apps
=> highest user-friendliness on every device


Supporting all biometric factors provided by the users smartphone or other external devices
=> Different levels of multi-factor authentication


E2E-encrypted and mutually authenticated communication between smartphone, authentication-server and service provider (not just SSL!)
=> PKI-based, strong encryption

How does it work?


Integrate XignQR via SAML, OpenID Connect, via plugins for platforms like ForgeRock OpenAM or WordPress, or using our integration SDK XignIN


Register new users via self-service while providing different trustlevels, using inventory data or using the administration interface.

Enroll your Smartdevice

Newly registered users can enroll their smartdevice using a personalization qr code which can be delivered in different ways (PDF, E-Mail, or other means of delivery).

Authenticate yourself

The authentication process can be triggered in a variety of ways, such as QR Codes, Push-Notifications, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS-Information or NFC/RFID.

Contextual Information

XignQR collects and leverages contextual information like IP-addresses, operating system information (on smartdevice and/or computer), user-agent information, network-environment


XignQR uses modern cryptography, e.g. AES256 encryption, ECC-521/RSA-4096 Keys, PKI-Infrastructure, SHA3-Hash-Algorithm

Large number of Use Cases

Through XignQR you are able to authenticate users in a large number of scenarios, not only limited to web applications, but also in the real world.

Web Applications

The most prominent use case for user authentication is the authentication in the context of web applications. Through a single HTML snippet you are able to embed a QR-code anywhere you want to trigger an authentication process. You can also use XignQR as a second factor through leveraging a smartdevice's capability to receive push-notifications to trigger a second factor authentication process.

Employee Authentication

Authenticate your employees/partners to use certain services or grant access to premises. Enable your employees or partners to participate in a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) manner, while being able to uphold your security or grant access for a limited time frame.

Smart City

We think of XignQR as a tool for enabling and leveraging smart city services. In today's world nearly everyone of us carries a smartdevice around. This circumstance means that we carry our personal digital identity with us, everywhere we go. XignQR enables the use of your identity in any situation.

Charging Stations

You can authenticate users to be able to use charging stations or other external authentication points. The authentication can be triggered via QR-code stickers, NFC/RFID tags or even Bluetooth.


The whole XignQR-System is based on digital certificates and digital signatures. Therefore it can be used to confirm transactions of any kind, to sign documents or other objects that have to be digitally signed.

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